Binance referral: earn money by referring friends

Did you know that Binance also has its own referral programme? By referring friends to Binance, you can earn commissions. These commissions can be high: top affiliates earn more than 10 Bitcoin per day on some days. In this short guide, we will explain how the referral programme works, so you can get started.

Open an account first

The referral programme of Binance is accessible through your own account. If you do not yet have an account on Binance, you can use the button below. You will then benefit from an additional 20% friend discount on Binance:

How do you register for the referral programme?

After you have opened an account on Binance, you do not need to go through any further steps to register. You can find the referral programme by navigating to your profile and clicking on Referral.

How to earn money with Binance referral?

You earn money with Binance referral by referring friends to Binance. You can do this by means of a unique referral link that you can find on the referral page:

Referral link

Simply send this link to your friends and when they open an account, you benefit from their trading activities!

Tip: share your discount

The great thing about Binance is that you can give your friends a discount. You can give up to 10% of your commission back to people who open an account through your link. We do this too! This makes it more attractive for your friends to open an account through you.

You can easily adjust the percentage you return by clicking on the Change referral settings button.

How much can you earn with Binance referral?

At Binance, everyone receives a standard 20% commission on the transaction costs of users who are referred. If the transaction fee is 0.1%, this amounts to a commission of 0.02% of the total transaction amount.

You can increase your commission by keeping more than 500 BNB. Your commission will then increase to 40%. However, Binance Coins are anything but cheap, which means that this option is only attractive for users who refer many people.

You will receive ongoing commissions on all trades made by referred traders in the spot market. For futures, you will receive one year of commissions, but only if you have opened a future account yourself. Therefore, do not forget to open a futures account when you want to refer friends to Binance!

How can you earn more with your referral bonus?

Increase your reach to improve your revenue! For example, you can share your referral link via your social media accounts or in relevant groups. Make sure you do not spam and that you make a useful contribution to the network in question.

It is also possible to promote your link via your own blog or YouTube channel. You must have a lot of knowledge about crypto. There are many crypto gurus worldwide, and it can be difficult to find your way among them.

In any case, creativity is rewarded: if you manage to find a unique angle, you can earn a nice extra penny with the referral programme. Your commissions are paid out in crypto, so you can passively build up a small fortune in crypto.

When are you paid?

Referral commissions are credited to your Binance account in real time. This happens every hour: it is therefore important to be patient.

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